Christian Prayers for Married Couples

Prayer for Married Couple – 1

Almighty God, Your Word said it’s not good for the man to be alone for You saw Adam’s desire for a mate. Thank you for blessing us with the gift of marriage, I am grateful for my partner and pray that you will continue to guide us as we walk the right path as individuals and as a corporate entity in marriage. Lord, I pray for this marriage and declare that your hand remains on us, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 2

God of Creation, in the beginning You told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and to multiply and to have dominion over the animals here on earth. Father, I pray that in our marriage we will continue to be fruitful and multiply. Let’s do this physically with children who are blessings that come from you. Let’s also do it spiritually by giving birth to the ministries You have called us to be born and by making disciples You have chosen, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 3

Oh Majesty, my God, I pray to You for my marriage. May love and fidelity never leave me. I will bind them around my neck and write them on the tablet of my heart. I pray that the love and faithfulness that lives within me will be evident in my behavior towards my partner, and vice versa. Then we will win favors and a good reputation with You, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 4

All-loving Father, gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. I pray that the words we say in our marriage are sweet, that the words we say to each other and each other are done in love. I pray against any negative words or thoughts regarding our marriage so that the enemy cannot use anything to build a case against us, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 5

Jehovah Shalom, you are my prince of peace, in you I trust. Thank you for this marriage, thank you for the life of my partner! Thank you for this divine union because two are better than one, if one of us falls, the other will raise his companion. I pray that we continually strive to lift each other up before we fall, while we fall, and even after we fall, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 6

Holy, above all, I pray that we dress in love. If we offend each other or incite each other to anger, let our response always be clothed in love. Let love direct our actions in marriage, for it is love that has brought us together in marriage. I pray against anything that tries to break the bond of love we have for each other. May love be the center of this marriage, may You Lord be the center of this marriage, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 7

Be high and exalted, my Yahweh! Be high and lifted up in our marriage! Father, we choose to set our hearts on your kingdom first, and your saving justice, and all these other things will be given to us as well. Lord, we will not worry about tomorrow: tomorrow will take care of itself. Every day has enough worries of its own. Let’s take care of heavenly things so that our marriage can be founded on You, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 8

Alpha and Omega, the bible declares that to find a wife is to find happiness, a favor granted by You. I thank you for the happiness you have allowed me to receive. I pray that I (the husband) will love my wife as I do and that I (the wife) will respect my husband. Lord, I pray that we continue to consider each other’s minds, hearts and souls in this marriage so that we can make each other happy, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 9

Dear Lord, I know that love is always patient and kind; love is never jealous; love is neither boastful nor conceited, it is never rude and never seeks its own advantage, it does not take offense and does not accumulate grievances. Love does not rejoice in evil but finds joy in truth. He is always ready to make concessions, to trust, to hope and to endure no matter what. Fill our hearts and this marriage with love, Amen.

Prayer for Married Couple – 10

Eternal God, I thank you for this marriage, I know that by your grace and your protection we will support this pious marriage. The Bible says deep waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers wash it away. True love stands the test, true love fights and does not give up. Give us the strength to remain faithful when this marriage becomes difficult. Strengthen our bond so that as the challenges become more difficult, our marriage will be strengthened; not weakened, Amen.

God bless you!


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