Prayer to Trample Affliction under Our Feet

Bible Verse: Psalm 91:13 (NIV)

“You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.”

Sovereign Lord, the One who holds all power and authority, we come before You humbled by the vastness of Your love and the depth of Your wisdom. Your Word proclaims that we shall tread upon adversity like one treads upon a lion or a cobra. As followers of Jesus, who overcame the world and its afflictions, grant us the strength, determination, and courage to face our troubles and not be subdued by them. Let the examples of Jesus, who trampled over temptation in the desert, overcame persecution, and conquered death, inspire us to rise above our afflictions. We beseech You, O Lord, to infuse us with an unyielding faith that, even in the face of the greatest challenges, believes in Your promise of victory. Let every trial serve to deepen our trust in You, and let every challenge be a stepping stone to a stronger relationship with You. As we face the adversities of life, remind us that the battle is Yours and that through our faith in You, we too can trample affliction under our feet. In Jesus’ powerful name, we pray. Amen.

The chosen Bible verse from Psalm 91:13 offers profound encouragement and hope to believers. In the ancient world, the lion and the cobra were symbols of deadly threats and powerful adversaries. By stating that believers will tread on such fearsome creatures, the Psalmist is conveying God’s promise that His followers will have the power to overcome even the most potent and menacing of afflictions. The imagery of trampling the great lion and serpent implies not merely surviving challenges but conquering them.

Jesus Himself embodied this victory over adversity. When He was tempted by Satan in the wilderness, He used the Word of God to rebuke the enemy, demonstrating that with divine wisdom and unwavering faith, one can trample over temptations. Furthermore, throughout His ministry, Jesus faced persecution, misunderstanding, and betrayal. Yet, with divine authority and purpose, He surmounted these challenges, culminating in His ultimate triumph over death through His resurrection.

In context, the verse from Psalm 91 and the life of Jesus both teach us a vital lesson. Afflictions, no matter how daunting, are not insurmountable. With faith in God and by drawing strength from His promises, we can rise above our struggles. Instead of being consumed by our trials, we can use them as opportunities to grow, learn, and draw closer to God. Thus, the prayer based on this verse and the teachings of Jesus calls for believers to face afflictions with resilience, assured of God’s promise of victory, and inspired by Jesus’ own triumph over adversity.


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