Prayers for Addicted Loved Ones

Prayer for Addicted Loved Ones – 1

Precious Saviour, the powerful grip of addiction is such an apt description of sin’s grip on humanity. It consumes the entire person, making it a slave to the drug. But thanks to Your saving gospel, You have broken sin’s curse. I ask that You have mercy on [name] and break them free from their slavery to sin and addiction. Let the truth set their soul free, so that they may be free indeed. Let this addict’s liberation be a testament to Your saving power. Amen.

Prayer for Addicted Loved Ones – 2

Eternal Father, this addiction has caused a painful rift, and I pray You will fix it. Let Your Holy Spirit grant a new heart of repentance, that [name] may turn from sin and seek righteousness. Let me be discerning as to how to handle this, using wisdom and exercising grace. It would be a great blessing to see You restore the relationships damaged by this addiction. I pray in Your Son’s name. Amen.

Prayer for Addicted Loved Ones – 3

God in Heaven, sin has a powerful
influence, indeed, and I know that none of us must take it lightly. But I also know that You are the one who conquered sin by bearing the curse on the cross at Calvary. Sin has no dominion over You, and I know that You can supply the strength that is necessary to resist temptations. Let Your Spirit work in [name] so that addiction is replaced with Godly sanctification. May Your will be done. Amen.

Prayer for Addicted Loved Ones – 4

King Jesus, I ask Your intercession on behalf of [name]. Lord, please grant Your divine protection and strong embrace. Give the guidance that is needed to avoid the pitfalls of addiction and other temptations. Illuminate a path of righteousness and truth, so that evil influences will be seen plainly for what they really are. Let Your love create a barrier of protection, and may You Spirit provide holy wisdom. Let this prayer be an opportunity for You to be glorified. Amen.

Prayer for Addicted Loved Ones – 5

Yahweh, You are always gracious and willing to hear the prayers of Your saints. I pray on behalf of [name], that You would provide sustenance for another day. Please allow them to survive this addition, and may it not be the cause of their own destruction. I ask that in Your mercy, You would supply safety, food, and health. Let Your continued providence be a reason that others would praise Your glorious name. I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer for Addicted Loved Ones – 6

Prince of Peace, Your peace is needed in this sad situation. This addition allows danger to always lurk at the doorstep. I pray in faith that You would intercede and protect [name] from the perils that are all around. Please, by the mercies of Christ, act graciously in this time of distress. May Your saving power be on display as You show pity on an undeserving sinner. You are like a fortress of protection, and I ask You to help, in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer for Addicted Loved Ones – 7

God of Hope, there are many things that I could pray for [name], but the one thing that matters most is their redemption. Physical things will pass away. Food, shelter, and even health are temporary concerns. But a soul lasts for eternity. May it be Your will that this soul will not be lost forever. I pray that You would grant forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus’s gospel. Let Your mercy transform a wretched sinner into a new creation in Christ. Please replace that stony heart with one that loves the Lord instead of sin. I praise You for Your glorious salvation. Amen.


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