Prayers for Help in Times of Trouble

Prayer for help in difficult times – 1

Creator God, your hand threw the stars into space and the same hand reaches out to me with a gentle touch. I don’t have the strength to face the situation I am facing, please support me with your right hand. I don’t know what to do, please help me. You say I need not be afraid or dismayed because you are my God and you are with me. Help me know your presence in the midst of my situation and draw strength from you, Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 2

O Lord, my God, you are my refuge and my strength. You are my ever-present help in difficult times. When it seems like my world is collapsing around me and I’m being tossed about by the storms in my life, take away my fear. When I am weak, you are my strength. When I’m vulnerable, you are my refuge. When I cry for help, you will answer. Remind me Lord that you are always with me, you will never leave me or forsake me. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 3

Eternal God, you never fail to help your people. Throughout the story, we see you acting lovingly towards your children. When they cry out to you, you hear and respond. When they fail and turn away from you, you don’t turn away from them. In these difficult times, give me a steady spirit and fill me with peace as I put my trust in you. With you, I will not crumble like a house built on sand but I will stand firm with my feet on you, the eternal rock. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 4

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the name above every other name. Your name is like a fortified tower in which I can find safety and security. When I am troubled, I can find peace in your name. When I feel weak, I can find strength in your name. When I feel overwhelmed, I can find rest in your name. When I feel surrounded by pressures from all sides, I can find stability in your name. Your name is beautiful, Lord, help me to rely on you, Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 5

Heavenly Father, you are my strength and my song. You are worthy of all my praise, whatever my situation. When I look at the death and resurrection of Jesus, I see the greatest victory that has ever been won in my name. I pray that I find confidence in this victory and that I live my life in the light of your love, whatever is happening around me. Help me Father, Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 6

Eternal Father, you know my past, my present and my future, nothing is unknown to you. When I’m worried about what’s to come, ease my fears knowing you’re ahead of me. I will never be alone because you will always be with me. You have promised not to disappoint me or abandon me and you are faithful in keeping all your promises. Take away my fear and replace it with faith in your endless love. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 7

Faithful father, you have never left me. Although I have often distanced myself from you, you have always remained by my side. With you by my side, I won’t be shaken no matter what life throws at me. Help me to always place you at the center, guiding my path and protecting me from harm. As I experience the brokenness of this world, would you refresh my soul to continue praising you. There is no God like you, you are worthy of all my praise, Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 8

Lord, my rock and redeemer, you know everything about me. You delivered me from my sin, you called me by my name. I belong to you. As I weather the storms of life, you are with me. You say I will not be overwhelmed by the flood nor consumed by fire. You are my Savior in every part of my life. You give me everything I need. The breath I use to pray this prayer is a gift from you. Help me rely on you, Amen.

Prayer for help in difficult times – 9

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the prince of peace, you breathed on your disciples and gave them your peace. I ask that you give me your peace in this time of trouble. When I feel anxious, would you remind me that your word says I need not worry, but in everything I must pray to you. Your peace, which passes understanding, will guard my heart and my mind. Please give me this peace right now, Amen.