Declarations for Favor and Prosperity in 2023

Jesus has saved me from bad things and given me good things instead. He has saved me from being poor and has given me wealth. He has saved me from being sick and has given me health. He has saved me from being dead and has given me eternal life.

I trust in God and He gives me what I want.

When I give to others, I will receive even more in return.

I give happily and God gives me more than I need.

God provides for all of my needs and wants.

God is my shepherd and I don’t need anything because Jesus was poor for me so I can be rich. Jesus came so I can have a good life.

God has made me right with Him and I can rule my life like a king or queen.

I will always praise God because He wants me to be successful.

I will seek God with all my heart and He will help me to be successful.

God wants me to be a helpful servant.

God’s work in my life is excellent and superior.

I expect God’s excellence and abundance to show in my character, my gifts and power from the Holy Spirit, and in my health, finances, life, family, church, home, and workplace.

God’s blessings make me rich and He doesn’t make me sad.

I promise to be responsible with money.

People want to bless me and give to me today.

I have a lot of money.

I have good ideas.

I am favored by God and have peace.

Nothing is impossible for me.

I am always favored by God and I will get even more favor.

I am satisfied and have all the blessings I need from God and I will have a good home.

God’s favor will go with me every day, week, month, and year and will help me meet the right people and have good opportunities.

God’s favor can even change rules if it helps me.

God’s favor will help me have special treatment wherever I go and whatever I do.

I have faith that God will bless me so much this year that I won’t be able to hold it all.

I am blessed all the time, in the city and in the country, when I come and go.

My money will increase 100 times!

I will support telling people about Jesus all around the world.

I have wealth, power, and I am happy to work. This is a gift from God.

I believe I will have more than I can handle. My blessings will be so big they will cancel out all my past losses.