The Perfection of Your Finished Work Prayer

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Bible Verse: John 19:30 (NIV)

“When he had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

Heavenly Father, through the redemptive sacrifice of Your Son Jesus, we are reminded of the perfection of Your finished work. As Jesus proclaimed “It is finished” from the cross, we recognize the depth and breadth of that statement, acknowledging the completion of our salvation and the reconciliation we have in You. Lord, instill in us a profound gratitude for this priceless gift, and let us live each day in full reflection of its magnitude. May our lives be a testimony of Your grace, and may we continuously lean into the finished work of Christ, knowing that in Him, all our inadequacies are made whole. Equip us to share this good news, to radiate the love and grace embodied in Jesus, and to ever trust in the perfection of what He has accomplished for us. Amen.

The passage from John 19:30 is a poignant moment in the Christian narrative. As Jesus hangs on the cross, having endured immense suffering and bearing the weight of humanity’s sin, His declaration of “It is finished” signifies the completion of His mission on Earth – to redeem humanity and bridge the gap between us and God. This proclamation isn’t just an acknowledgment of the end of His earthly suffering; it’s a profound statement that encapsulates the essence of God’s redemptive plan.

When Jesus says, “It is finished”, He is pointing to the totality of His sacrifice. The requirements of the law, which humans could never fulfill perfectly, were met in Jesus. The price for sin, which was death, was paid in full. The barriers that stood between humanity and a righteous God were torn down. Every prophecy, every ritual, and every command that pointed towards this moment found its fulfillment in Jesus.

The term “finished work” often refers to the belief that everything necessary for our salvation was completed on the cross. When we look at the life and teachings of Jesus, we see a consistent theme of God’s grace and the offer of salvation to all who believe. By relying on Jesus’ finished work, believers are free from the burden of trying to earn God’s favor through their deeds; instead, they can rest in the grace provided by Jesus’ sacrifice.

Our prayer, based on this revelation, is an acknowledgment of the completeness of Jesus’ sacrifice and the hope and assurance we derive from it. As followers of Christ, it is our privilege and responsibility to lean into this finished work, letting it shape our identity, our actions, and our relationships, and to share this life-changing truth with others.


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